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eDermSystems EHR Early Success Validates Start Up Investments

Boca Raton, FL (April 8, 2013) – eDerm Systems is a leading web-based (EHR) Electronic Health Records software for dermatologists and dermatology practice management system empowering dermatology practices. Since the launch of the product last month, eDerm Systems has experienced success with the initial sales and forecasts continued company growth to further implement the next stages of this cutting edge EHR solution for dermatologists and dermatology practices.

This innovative new program has been designed by dermatologists for dermatology practices. The software has been developed with the goal of making all aspects of running a dermatological practice more efficient.  eDerm Systems streamlines the process of everything from scheduling patients to  accurately cataloging visit details and patient interaction management to billing and insurance maintenance. All subscribers will benefit from the ideas of the community of users because of the intuitive nature of the program.

eDerm Systems CEO Any Queen explains “The program allows doctors to point to a diagram of the body and document the diagnosis and treatment. It handles prescriptions, lab results, procedure coding, billing and appointments simultaneously, while taking photographs of skin conditions.” Queen give some insight as to the program’s initial success is the appeal that dermatologist see in the system because it also automates and integrates the business side of the practice as well. Another factor that sets eDerm Systems apart from the competition is that it does not require a constant internet connection. Instead, it syncs with the cloud when the dermatologist signs in and out; all of the information is stored on the iPad.

Key Features of eDerm Systems Solution that is Fueling its Success:

  • Designed by dermatologists for dermatology practices
  • Saves time with each patient
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Increases efficiency
  • Streamlines scheduling patient
  • Accurately catalogs each visit
  • Details patient interaction including billing and insurance 
  • Benefit from the ideas of the   community of users


About eDerm Systems
Located in Boca Raton, Florida, eDerm is a world class developer of cloud based EHR empowering Dermatology practices. Innovative solutions designed by Dermatologists for Dermatology. For more information or product demonstration of the new eDerm Systems iPad EHR visit http://www.edermsystems.com or call 877.877.4500.