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Go Mobile! Download Our iPad App

All you need is an iPad to take eDerm anywhere you go. For electronic health records iPad is the ultimate mobile solution. You can use your eDerm EHR on iPad at the office, at the hospital, or at home. It goes wherever you do.
With full access to your electronic medical records iPad takes eDerm to the next level in revolutionary healthcare management.
Our iPad app enables you to access eDerm’s full functionality. And since it is cloud-based, you can still work on your iPad if your Internet connection is lost – eDerm will automatically sync with the cloud when a connection becomes available. 
The eDerm EHR on iPad makes the system fully portable and it’s very easy to use. You can see patients, sign out charts, send/refill prescriptions and view pathology reports from virtually anywhere. 
Photos are critical to the practice of dermatology. With the built-in iPad camera and your eDerm app, there are no wires or down time transferring photos from a camera to a computer. They are instantly integrated into your encounter the moment you take them. 
Download the eDerm iPad app today and request a demo of the EHR. We will provide a username and password that you will need to make the application work.  Once you start using it, you won’t be able to imagine your practice without your eDerm EHR and iPad. 
Go completely mobile. Get the eDerm app on iTunes now!