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Billing Service

eDerm’s Real Time Features Simplify Your Billing Process

Billing is a vitally important part of your practice, and from coding to co-pay and payment information it’s important that your billing records are up-to-date and error-free. eDerm simplifies the billing process by providing real-time information and automatic background coding during all encounters. These are some of eDerm’s features that will simplify your billing processes:
Automatic Co-pay and Deductible Verification: 
When a patient calls for an appointment, eDerm prompts the scheduler to automatically verify the patient’s co-pay and deductible with the patient’s paying sources in real time. Real-time insurance verification when patients arrive for visits ensures that their insurance information is still current. With eDerm, you always know that the patient has valid insurance before the visit starts. 
Automatic Billing: 
eDerm always ensures that there will be high quality data with fewer errors. This improves timely payment of claims and reduces errors with claims processing. Also, the real-time insurance verification process ensures the submission of accurate insurance information. eDerm also shortens the revenue cycle by verifying that clean claims are created and sent with the first claim submission. 
Claims Inspector: 
eDerm’s claims inspector tool shortens the revenue cycle. After submission, eDerm can send payment status requests to payers providing this service. Rejected claims are listed for correction and resubmission. You no longer wait for the EOB to re-file the claim with the payer.