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EHR Features

Smart Learning

This EHR Learns What You Do

No two practices or practitioners are alike, so why be constrained by the limitations of an EHR that only lets you work one way? eDerm is completely customizable and gives you the flexibility to chart the way you practice.

Smart Coding

Built-In Billing Expertise

eDerm has the built-in billing expertise to code correctly while maximizing practice efficiency and profitability. No more under-coding or over-coding. Your documentation automatically and seamlessly supports your billing and generates the Super-Bill with E&M and CPT/ICD9/ICD10 codes.

One-Touch Charting

eDerm Streamlines Impressions

eDerm is all about simplifying your dermatology electronic medical records. With the eDerm Smart Learning™ feature, when you select an impression and it is documented along with the plan of care in the visit note.

Dermatology Knowledge Base

Built Exclusively for the Practice of Dermatology

eDerm has all the features you need in a dermatology EHR – and nothing extra that you don’t need, so it’s easy to learn and easy to use. eDerm makes dermatology electronic medical records simple with a complete dermatological library and the dermatology workflow to make every encounter quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Patient Education

1 Step Simple

The application has a Patient Instruction area for all impressions/POCs. The Patient Instructions may be shared across the impressions/POCs, or be specific to a single impression/POC. Patient Instructions may also be defaulted for impression/POC. In the summary, all Patient Instructions are brought into a single document for easy printing. The instructions may also be printed directly from any of the impressions.

POCs. In addition to these comments, the topics of follow up instructions, return appointments and continued plan of care are still relevant.


A Better Bedside Manner

eDerm’s built-in Dashboard notes and reminders feature gives you instant access to patient details. Dashboard “personal” notes do not become part of the patient’s official record. It’s a great way to better connect with you patients by remembering personal details they shared with you.

For instance, if the patient was going to have a baby or going on a cruise, you could ask them about it on the next visit. This personal “bedside manner” creates a more personal bond between doctor and patient and helps patients to feel more at ease with you.

Physical Exam

Easy Does It!

eDerm makes documenting your patient’s physical exam easier than ever. Bring patient histories forward from past visits. Search and sort biopsy log by patient, disease, lab, date, pathology status (pending/received) and treated/untreated cancers. There’s no need to re-key information or perform repetitive tasks. During the exam, eDerm automatically associates the information you enter to every step of the process, so you won’t need to enter it again. eDerm keeps an active problem list of each patient including plan of care and work completed during previous visits – and past work can easily be copied into the current visit. It’s the easiest way to manage a comprehensive care plan for patients.


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Wouldn’t it be great if your EHR could make automatic contextual connections between photos of your patient’s treatment areas and their patient record and plan of care? eDerm can – and it is the only app that does this! Throughout the exam, just use your iPad to photograph problem. The application supports unlimited picture taking. Photos are associated with their Impression or POC and are automatically documented to the Impression or POC. Comments may be added to photos. Photos automatically go to the Visit Note and Patient Chart for later reference.

Pathology Life Cycle

eDerm Automatically Tracks Patients with Untreated Cancer

eDerm has a complete pathology life cycle that manages pathologies through all stages:

  • Biopsy
  • Order
  • Neoplasm of uncertain behavior diagnosis
  • Result
In the Result stage, the practitioner can assign the micro diagnosis, mark if the specimen is cancerous, determine the plan of care and follow treatment where the plan of care is completed and the specimen is now marked as treated.

There are several color-coded pathology logs to help with quick visibility into analysis.

The patient and practice biopsy log searches and sorts by patient, disease, laboratory used, date range and pathology status, such as pending and received from lab, untreated cancer and treated cancer.

Patient Chart

View It Your Way

Both the web application and iPad application allow you to view visit note, addendums, pathology, operational reports, blood work, cultures, medical records, prescriptions, miscellaneous procedures, skin cancers, cryos, biopsies, letters, body images, patient comments, instructions, biopsy log, consents, disease dictionary and phone messages.


With eDerm’s scanning feature, you can make any paper document part of your patient’s electronic file. Simply scan the document and save it in a digital format (PDF or image file). Then, use the application scan management feature to upload the digital file to the patient’s chart or pathology log.