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Practice Management Features

eDerm Does it All

If you want a dermatology patient tracking system that provides the best features in an easy-to-use platform, you want eDerm! With integrated features that connect and track all aspects of patient care, eDerm’s dermatology patient system provides efficient practice management that is second to none. Once you use our convenient practice management features, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Here are some of eDerm’s Practice Management Features that allow you to work faster and smarter than ever before.

Multi-Practice, Multi-Locations

Our dermatology patient system makes scheduling easy, even when you’re scheduling multiple locations with multiple doctors. All options are displayed for ease of scheduling and the eDerm scheduler easily identifies the days the doctor is available. Notes about the patient’s scheduled visit are linked to the patient’s time slot, so you can quickly determine the reason for the visit.

Color Coded

eDerm includes a fast workflow list for appointment scheduling, with confirmed appointments appearing in color. Throughout the encounter, the patient time slots are color coded, showing the patient’s current status: scheduled, confirmed, checked in, ready for a room, or checked out. With a simple glance, eDerm’s color coding system shows you exactly what’s going on with any patient at any time.

Wait Lists, Recall Lists

If the calendar is full and there is a cancellation, eDerm will automatically put a wait list hold on an available time slot to allow the scheduler to schedule a waiting patient. If practice hours are shortened, patients that cannot be seen are automatically moved to the bump list to be rescheduled. If there are any bumped patients that are not rescheduled, eDerm alerts the practice.

Patient Search

To perform a patient search, simply begin typing the patient’s name. eDerm will suggest existing names as you type for quicker access to patient information. During patient registration or scheduling, the patient’s insurance, deductible, co-pay, account balance due and other important account details are all electronically verified for accuracy in real time.

Document Scanning

With eDerm’s scanning feature, you can make any paper document part of your patient’s electronic file. Simply scan the document and save it in a digital format (PDF or image file). Then, use the application scan management feature to upload the digital file to the patient’s chart or pathology log.

Pathology Log

You never want to lose track of a cancer patient’s progress (or lack of progress) in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up process. The eDerm Pathology Log tracks and manages every stage of the pathology lifecycle, from biopsy (order/requisition/results) to the treatment plan and actual treatment. Each step of the process is monitored and managed from the Pathology Log.

eDerm makes it easy to track cancer patients and to show patients with untreated cancer. 

  • Query eDerm to show all patients with an untreated cancer who no-show and cancel that are not on the calendar. 
  • Confirmation lists are filtered by all patients with untreated cancer or a history of cancer and automatically populated to the recall list.
  • Once a cancer patient is scheduled on the calendar they are automatically removed from the recall list.


An Instant Overview of Your Practice

With the eDerm dermatology patient system, you’ll have access to powerful reporting tools that will give you an instant view of your practice. This critical information will help you to better understand your volume.

All reports are easy to use and understand at a glance – and they can be easily printed or exported as PDF files.

eDerm’s reporting feature enables you to see the primary measurements of your practice’s financial operations, patient flow and future practice volume so you can quickly see and understand where your practice stands at any given moment or time range. The registration reports show patient audits, demographics and registration. Scheduling reports provide you with a global look at future patient volume, recall lists, wait lists, and confirmations.