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Software Integration

Your three software systems – PMS, EHR and RCM – are seamlessly integrated to work together. Separately, each system works alone to perform its designated task. But together, they create one fully integrated solution. The PMS Registration and Scheduling feeds to the EHR for easy encounter creation, eliminating the need to enter the information twice. The billing information and biopsies flow from the ERH to the RCM and PMS Clinical Management, again eliminating the need for duplicate entry of information. There is no need to maintain a paper biopsy log. 

Data Conversion

eDerm Systems offers an additional Data Conversion service that will import your practice’s current PMS or EHR data into the eDerm software.   


If you prefer to keep your existing system and use only the eDerm EHR and/or PMS, we can provide a Bridge that will integrate your PMS and/or RCM with the eDerm software. The bridge leaves the masterdata in the existing system and simply moves a copy of that data into the eDerm system for use.