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Pathology Log

Expanded Snippet: 

eDerm makes it easy to track cancer patients and to show patients with untreated cancer. 

  • Query eDerm to show all patients with an untreated cancer who no-show and cancel that are not on the calendar. 
  • Confirmation lists are filtered by all patients with untreated cancer or a history of cancer and automatically populated to the recall list.
  • Once a cancer patient is scheduled on the calendar they are automatically removed from the recall list.
Teaser Snippet: 

You never want to lose track of a cancer patient’s progress (or lack of progress) in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up process. The eDerm Pathology Log tracks and manages every stage of the pathology lifecycle, from biopsy (order/requisition/results) to the treatment plan and actual treatment. Each step of the process is monitored and managed from the Pathology Log.